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Finding one's way about the city

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From a visitor's perspective, I absolutely love this city. There are very few high-rises (unless a large number have sprung up an the past couple years) which makes the streets that much more suceptible to actual sunlight - a rare thing down a city street nowadays.

Besides having avenues named after the side of the city they border, there is always North Adelaide which lies to the... well... north of the city.

Perhaps the lone confusing thing (and this is confusing enough) is that King George Street lies smack in the middle of the city running North and South. It turns out that no street is allowed to cross a street named after royalty and therefore, as one walks down KGS, the names of the streets are completely different on either side. A map is useful smiley - smiley

If you have any interest in ANY sort of art, being in Adeliade during the Fringe Festival is one of the best places to go. I was able to collect a stack of pamphlets about an inch thick for exhibits, shows, etc. And if you're looking for a nice pub to pop in and get a drink at whilst watching the festivities, I'd try the Austral on Rundle Street.

One more oddity before I skip off ... if you go into the botanical gardens, there is a small wrought-iron gondola that is dedicated to Elvis Presley. How I love randomness smiley - biggrin

Finding one's way about the city

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Researcher 1300304

the street concerned is king william st, not king george. he being the monarch at the time of planning of the city. this also explains the name of the city, queen adelaide being said king's missus.

Finding one's way about the city

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Phoenician Trader

The other streets running north/south (i.e. not East and West Tces and King William St) also used to change their names midway along. This was sorted out in the 1960s (I think). Now Pultney and Morphett Sts run from North to South Tce (and vice verca).

Adelaide doesn't have the world's craziest naming scheme for city streets but, because they are so straight and ordered, every quirk stands out.

smiley - lighthouse

Finding one's way about the city

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Researcher 1300304

i could be wrong but i think the reason for the name 'discontinuities' for pultney and morphett streets were a consequence of them effectively terminating at hurtle and whitmore squares respectively and then continuing on the other side (and hence bearing a different name). i don't think the bisecting of the squares with roads was part of the original design. i lived just off pultney street for all of the 1990s and there is a plaque in hurtle square with some information about the previous names.

the practice of altering the name of a street once it crossed a larger street seems to have been a very widespread practice all across metropolitan adelaide in earlier times, even if the street concerned was straight.

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