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U. S. Naval Academy

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Steve K.

I think I mentioned this somewhere else, but it seems relevant here.

A few years ago, the U. S. Naval Academy dropped its requirement for its officer trainees to learn celestial navigation. After polling the fleet captains on what skills they thought should be emphasized, it was decided to provide more training for communication, especially written communications.

So I guess if the ship's electronics go out, they won't be able to navigate, but they can write a nice SOS note to float in a bottle. smiley - winkeye

CGE spacial Academy

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Yes we use the same methods, PANIC!

CGE spacial Academy

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Steve K.

Reminds me of the yacht owned by American columnist William F. Buckley, named "Panic!" At one point he had a few problems with water getting into the boat, at the dock, resulting in massive electrical failure and near-sinking. His supportive offspring immediately renamed the yacht "TiPanic!". smiley - yikes

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