A Conversation for Prurience, Pornography and the Tabloid Press

Warning - sentence misconstruction.

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Zaphod II

With regard to the 3rd paragraph from the end - please change to:

From the reader's perspective, there is a fascination in leafing through 'revealing' or 'titillating' stories in the tabloid press of the rich and famous, to become acquainted with the minutiae of their seemingly illustrious, show-biz lives. What are we hoping to 'unearth' about our own lives? What comparisons, if any, can we draw? Perhaps escaping the reality of our mundane existence is what matters. It is what we invest in the fantasy of others' lives that prevails. But you say, though grossly edifying, to middle-class sensibilities these rags are an opiate of the masses, a comic book for adults, read only by the less educated. Far from being serious journalism, the contents merely entertain, to engage our need for voyeuristic pleasure and amusement.


Warning - sentence misconstruction.

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World Service Memoryshare team

Thanks for that - tis done smiley - smiley

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