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Very entertaining read.

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smiley - applause to the author!

The reference to looking like a cockatiel reminded me that my pet cockatiels have 'bad feather days' - they just hate it when their feathers aren't right, and they'll groom and pick and fuss at themselves until they straighten out the errant feathers. They're funny to watch.

My cure for bad hair days: about two years ago I just quit worrying about it. My hair's still a mess but I don't care. I wash it, let it air-dry, and then it can do whatever the heck it wants to. smiley - smiley

Very entertaining read.

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Gingersnapper+Keeper of the Cookie Jar and Stuff and Nonsense

I'm amazed at how interesting an article you made out of "a bad hair day".... Loved the reto hair styles link & the other link..My smiley - 2cents worth::..On some very cold days the static electricity in the air causes my hair to just jump right out at the comb.....The next time central casting needs Frankenstein's bride...Just call me!!.. .. .

Very entertaining read.

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Thank you! It's always good to get feedback smiley - smiley

I really need to link to my upcoming entry on Static Electric Dischargessmiley - tongueout
smiley - yikesA6378744
Researching that taught me a whole lot...

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Very entertaining read.

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Gingersnapper+Keeper of the Cookie Jar and Stuff and Nonsense

Will wonders never cease??..Thanks for that link...Do not have time to read it at this late hour here, Almost time for Charlie Rose...,But I have often walked across a rug and touches someone and got "zapted"... Will bookmark the link.....I'm sure my grandson will find it of interest when he drops by.....'Nite for now......

Very entertaining read.

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Very good times indeed.
Everyday is a bad hair day for those of us who dont understand a word of truth.

smiley - cheerupAuntyRose

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