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Cliff fall

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Gnomon - time to move on

Most cliff falls, leave goo, particularly if there are people underneath. It's nice to have one leaving shards of alabaster.

Cliff fall

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I'll bet you laughed when you thought of that one smiley - cheers

Cliff fall

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Although this wonderful entry was written on the last day that frogbite was a Researcher I am answering it because gnoman was the only Researcher to respond to this most wonderful piece of research and I am hoping that maybe he can let me know who wrote this fascinating pice of gelolgical history of Somerset.

Oh! there is still so much to learn. No time to die. !! Say I fervently. !1

I shall enjoy this marvellous entry. thank you for resurrecting it - whoever is responsible.

Christiane AR80

Cliff fall

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Gnomon - time to move on

The article was written by Frogbit, who was a Researcher from Somerset. He wrote many articles about geology in that area.

I doubt he wrote the entry on his last day. What he did do on his last day was to change his name to "Frogbit's last day on h2g2", so this has been enshrined as the author's name ever since.

The entry has been sitting in the Guide ever since, and could be found through the categories:

The Universe / Earth / Europe / United Kingdom / England / Somerset

It could also be found using the Search button at any time.

I see it is also mis-categorised as:

Everything / Archaeology

even though it is geology, not archaeology.

It's good of the Eds to feature old articles on the Front Page.

Cliff fall

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Thank you so much for that information. So now I expect I can meet him as Frogbits!1.

Lovely photos of your weekend. I thought of you all.


Christiane AR80

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