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Candida Control

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Candida is a simple yeast that is present on all the mucous membranes of our body, all the time, but is kept in check by our Immune Systems (IS). It can over-proliferate:

  • If the IS is weakened by stress, severe illness or antibiotics.

  • If its growth is encouraged by cortisone type drugs, oral contraceptives or chemotherapy.

  • Commonly around menstruation, or after giving birth.

  • If its growth is encouraged at such times (as above) by a sugary diet, and by the presence in our food of growth hormones from yeasts and moulds (which survive cooking), and yeast-derived B vitamins.

Typical Associated Symptoms

Allergies, asthma, athlete's foot, body aches, bloating, chronic sore throats, colitis, dandruff, depression, drowsiness, earaches, endometriosis, food cravings (sugar, sweets, bread, beer), gas, hay fever, headaches, hives, hyper-activity (mostly in children), history of vaginal thrush and/or cystitis, insomnia, lethargy, malabsorption, menstrual irregularities, muscle weakness, mood swings, nasal congestion, nappy rash, PMT, rectal itching, skin irritation, symptoms worse in damp and mouldy conditions, weight problems.

Candida Control Five-Point Plan

This needs to be followed for at least three months.

  1. Kill it - Orally - Caprylic acid or raw garlic, Pau d'Arco herb, Nystatin (from your GP1). Tea tree oil applied (diluted) to skin, and a few drops added to laundry conditioner, to help prevent the rest of the family becoming afflicted. Underwear can also be microwaved if you can't use tea tree oil, eg, if you're seeing a homeopath. You can also add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to bath water.

  2. Starve it - Eliminate from diet all sugars (including fruit sugar) on which it feeds, and all yeasts, moulds and fungi (which encourages its growth).

  3. Scrub it Out - Using Psyllium Hulls or Slippery Elm. These gently remove the dead candida cells from your gut and help absorb the toxins released by them - especially when they are dying, which can cause 'die back'. This is an exacerbation of your symptoms when you start to eliminate the candida. These toxins, re-absorbed, cause your symptoms in the first place. Psyllium and Slippery Elm can be bought in capsules or loose.

  4. Replace it - Using multi-bifidus available in capsules, or from live plain yoghurt2. When candida proliferates, the yeast cells clump together to form fungal sheets on your mucous membranes. In the gut, this slows down absorption of vital nutrients. When the fungal sheets are killed and scrubbed off, it leaves patches bare of the normal healthy gut flora which help us digest our food. Multi-bifidus or yoghurt encourages the re-growth of these.

  5. Strengthen Your Immune System - With regular treatments from your homeopath. Herbs like Echinacea are extremely helpful, as are multi-vitamins and vital minerals, to replenish those lost by malabsorptions due to Candida.

Don't encourage its re-growth. It will come back quickly if you re-introduce sugars, yeasts and moulds too quickly. Avoid IS inhibitors - herbicides and pesticides on food, steroids, etc.

It is worth noting that in the case of Candida Albicans, or thrush, which is sexually transmittable, both partners should be treated, whether or not symptoms show in the other partner.

Helpful Books

The Beat Candida Cook Book, by Erica White

Candidiasis, by Leon Chiatow.

Information on the web

This website has lots of links to Candida information.

1General Practitioner, or doctor.2Yoghurt can also be applied topically, eg, to the vagina.

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