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Steroid creams

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I have lots of questions about steroids ...
How do steroid creams (and other forms of steroids used as medicines) work? What are they derived from? Are they based on the naturally occurring steroid hormones and do they use the hormone signaling pathways to trigger healing and growth in damaged tissues? Or do they work through a different mechanism?

Hope you can point me in the right direction. smiley - cheers

Steroid creams

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Dr Hell

Most of them (steroids) are difficult to synthesize from scratch (i.e. from crude oil) so - obviously - most of them are collected somehow from living creatures.

The question as to how they work gives rise to an amazing (and well funded) field of science. You can spend years studying and trying to understand them. I think a good point to start, depending on your level of expertise, would be popular science sites and publications...

Try this one:



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