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Knowing thing you don't remember

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It may seem strange, but it is quite possible to know things without directly remembering them. People do this all the time without realising it, as it all works at the subconcious level. I do not know why the brain works like this, but it probably involves remembering the simplest stuff possible and it makes no real difference in practice.

I remember which is my right hand as I have a childhood scar on it. I do not directly remember which is my left hand, but I do remember that my left hand is not the right hand.

I do not remember which side of the road is driven on in France, but I do remember which side we drive on in the UK, and that in France it is the opposite.

I do not remember my friend's sister's surname, but I know it is the same as his, and I know his is Bloggs.

I guess this is why learning things by mnemonics is often so much easier that learning "hard" facts.

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Knowing thing you don't remember

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