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Online_again, The One and Only Pift

I was "Russ" in 2000... the knots we did were slightly different. I guess it depends on what local area you are in. Some the ones I did was:

-bite a first year in the leg (chicken bone)
-Crawl from Burger King to McDonalds (Hamburger, not a real one, obviously)
-Kiss a random guy on the street and say "I love you". (regular knot)
-Stay up for 24 hours (regular knot)
-Spend the night outside the city hall (Nail)
-Kiss a police man (Gelly baby)
-Buy a packet of condoms with help of sign language only (Bit from the condom pack)
-Kiss a person of the same gender for at least 30 sec. (Chain)
-Drink a litre of milk in 3 minutes (Bit from a milk carton)
-Eat a kilo of bananas in 5 minutes (regular knot)
-Change in the wrong changing room before gym class (two knots)
-Take a dead fish for a walk in a leach, for one hour on a saturday in the city centre (regular knot)
-Fish a fish in the city centre (I live by the coast) (Fishing hook)

Stuff like karaoke singing and climbing through a car didn't exist at hour college... smiley - sadface


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smiley - laugh Well done! smiley - ok I love the 'walking the smiley - fish' one!

Couldn't you have been arrested for the 'changing in the wrong changing room' one? And how did the other people in the room react when you did it? smiley - bigeyes


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Online_again, The One and Only Pift

Why would anyone arrest me?
The guys in the changing room didn't seem to mind, to be honest. And it wouldn't have made a big difference anyway when some of the lads decoided to take the know and change in the women's room at the same time... so it was mixed both places anyway smiley - smiley

Walking the fish was great. I especially enjoyed yelling at it because it wasn't walking neatly enough smiley - winkeye


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smiley - laugh What a naughty smiley - fish!

I suppose that if the changing rooms were in the university, where everyone knew about the russ challenges, it would be OK. I was just thinking that if I went into the women's changing rooms at my local swimming baths and got undressed, I'd expect to be in trouble! But I'm sure most male students don't mind seeing female students take their clothes off! smiley - biggrin


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Online_again, The One and Only Pift

Ok, that should be said then, that the knot for changing in the wrong changing room was limited to be only valid at college, before or after gym class.

So we are not encouraged to strip for the general public or anything. That could very well be pushing it a bit too far smiley - winkeye


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No snogging knots, like snogging a first year, or anyone under the age of sixteen? - no strange sex knots, like having sex in trees ? Where did they go? We had them..

And I have never, ever seen A white russ, ever.

The points depend on your school

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They all depend on your school. We had a few sex ones. Like have sex in the forest. With condom. Can't remember what you got for it. Technically you had to have two witnesses for it to be valid which meant a couple of interesting conversations in our car. And there were some schools that gave you a star on your hat for each time you had sex but not many actually used them... And there were different coloured lollies for if your girl/boyfriend was russ or not.

The knot I liked most was staying in a tree from 2am to 8am. Stayed up there with a friend trying to stay awake and not fall out. We were singing some very silly songs to do it. It was just outside school so I had to go and have chemistry right after getting down. Didn't make it through that day though.

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