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I've just recently moved to a village in Somerset not far from Burrington Combe and have often driven the twisty road that goes right through the rocky area where I suppose that cleft must be. Had no idea "Rock of Ages" was written there.

What a very interesting Guide Entry. Thank you!

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I too find this account of the " Rock of Ages " hymn fascinating.
It was most unfortunate that John Wesley and Toplady could not see eye to eye on the matter of God's sovereignty and man's responsibility in and through salvation.
Both men agreed that the Christian Gospel requires faith in Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice for sinners along with repentance from sin as being essential for receiving salvation. While it is an interesting debate how people get to that place of decision, it is of far more importance that they get there. As with these two clerics, I marvel that today so much time is spent acrimoniously defending either the Calvinist or the Arminian ( Wesleyan )theological positions.
In the final analysis, God will be glorified and man will either be saved or damned. More time needs to be invested in reaching sinners with the message of the cross than arguing over details that only confuse the unconverted.

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