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Parallel theory

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I do not know how plasma TVs are made.
Not got a clue, other than they have glass, wires and other stuff, only a very small amount of which means anything to me.
There is certainly NO WAY I could build one from the little I understand of their workings!
Therefore, I have to conclude that no human could build one.

So where do they come from?

I know - I have a theory that you can not disprove (assuming you can't be bothered to try):
They are created by a supernatural entity that materialises on the back of lorries driving to my local electrical superstore where he creates them by saying "Let There Be Plasma TVs and toasters and over-priced CD-RWs and connecting cables that change to the wrong type in the bag on your way home". Although nobody has ever seem him or has any evidence that he exists (apart from some old books mentioning something in hebrew that could be translated as "white van man", which surely must be relevant), DO NOT QUESTION HIS EXISTENCE or he will magically create small scratches on your DVD collection, so making them unusable; and he will sell your mobile number to marketing firms selling lists of stolen mobile phone numbers. And nobody wants that to happen!


Frankly, it is a mystery to me why so many people are unwilling to accept a theory that is provable in modern times (although admitedly if you go back more than a few million years, "proof" switches to "overwhelming evidence"). Yet these same people are prepared to accept a rival theory that the whole thing was conjoured up by some mystical being, the existence of which is based purely on a "the vicar says so" type attitude.

Read some of Richard Dawkins' books - The Blind Watchmaker or The Ancestors Tale, or if you want a bit of Sci-Fi fun, Douglas Adams's The Salmon Of Doubt has a good Dirk Gently story as well as a very brief section on this very subject.
Read them with an open mind too, you can always close it again afterwards!

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Parallel theory

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