A Conversation for Discrepancies in the Theory of Evolution - Part I

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Someone named Tim

This series demonstrates interest not only in biology and science, but in some of the great metaphysical questions which humankind has considered for thousands of years (before either christianity and science both). This interest, work and research is to be respected in a 16 year old.

However, I plead with the reader to think and read perhaps more widely than this entry when considering this topic. Dawkins, Dennett and Maynard Smith will serve better. The underlying theology can also be served better by further consideration.

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Yes, I would strongly suggest "The Blind Watchmaker" by Dawkins, and "Full House" by Gould. Unfortunately I don't think Josh is around h2g2 anymore. I think he certainly demonstrates *interest*, but I fear for Josh's fundamentalist attitude to scripture, which undermines most of his efforts.

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