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William Shatner: "Denny Crane"

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Steve K.

In the current TV series "Boston Legal", Shatner is well cast as Denny Crane, a named partner in a powerful law firm. An aging, overweight parody of Kirk (and who may have either a touch of Alzheimer's or possibly Mad Cow Disease smiley - weird), he wanders the halls leering at young, attractive women and revelling in his power by just saying his name, "Denny Crane!" He also shoots things a lot, including at one point an obviously guilty rapist of a 13 year old girl, whom Crane is defending due to a judge's order.

At one point, his junior sidekick Allen Shore (played by James Spader) wants to defend a disappearing species of wild salmon, who are being infected by a parasite from farmed salmon.

Shore: "They call the parasites 'klingons'".

(A beat)

Crane: "Did you say 'Klingons'?"

William Shatner: "Denny Crane"

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what where am i smiley - drunk

William Shatner: "Denny Crane"

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Steve K.

That sounds like a Denny Crane line ...

One of my favorites was during Crane's preparation to shoot an armed office invader with the rifle in his office (of course, he has an armory in his upscale lawyer office). When the subordinates challenge the idea, preferring to let the police handle it, Crane says something like, "Nonsense. In the Marines I was a sniper." (A beat). "Or maybe a pilot."

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