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I think it is sick and I just recently had a friend send me somthing about three teenagers who had killed and mutalated 3 8 year old boys who would be over 18 today and they raped them and killed them like they were nothing, they were 8 year old boys minding their own buisness riding their bikes many people are saying they did not do this and they also have this fund set up for these animals serving 40+ years in prision, 1 is currently on death row, many kids are being killed by very bad people and this site just proves how sick many people can be, I am just writing a post here to tell all you sick individuals that killing innocent children is not a fun what did they do to you, The parents of them 8 year old boys are feeling sadness and guilt because that is what parents do, because they love their children but i can't say that for all parents because they even kill their own. I am very upset with all these forums about Satanism cults what are you people serving raping, killing, mutalating, and making children suffer, and taking them away from there childhood and parents and familt that love them who are you? Your not GOD.
What upsetted me the most is when I first got on the site I saw the words microwaving babies and the responses were outragiouse/ one was ha ha ha ha ha!!!! and the other is CRISPY!!! how sick is that. I could never imagine doing that to any of my kids let alone someone else's child. Or grown adult. So any of you can comment on this and I won't say I will respond. Just remember that if you decide to kill an innocent child I hope you look in the mirror and take your life for taking an innocent persons away.


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