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Mountain Biking

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You forgot to mention two other important factors.
1/ In order to be a good mountain biker, you need to be really fit, but at the same time be
really good at disposing of quantities of alcohol which would horrify the smarmy looking
bloke with the uniform in the green channel at customs.
2/You have to get to the top of the hill/mountain before going down. This highlights a culture
difference, because here in Europe we actually ride to the top, whilst in the US they tend to
use ski-lifts. Perhaps this is due to an imbalance in factor 1/ (above).

Mountain Biking

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Mad Duck

I had to reply to this one, mainly due to my disdain for the americans, but also to point out that the fun is in being knackered (therefore these said americans are missing half the fun) as well as chucking you self of a cliff (well not quite), as there is no better feelinmg than getting of your bike and not actually being able to feel you legs under you, feels like a friday night out!!!

Mountain Biking

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The man in the shack

Is it any wonder Americans can't ride up mountains.
they're full of bagels, wing-dings, steak dinners, sody-pop, natchos, deep fried bananna-and-peanut-butter-sandwiches,potatoe chips, pizza, flapjacks in maple syrup, sunny-side up eggs with hash-browns, milk + cookies, meatloaf, hotdogs, gumbo, fried chicken, cranberry sauce, piss-poor beer and ten hundred thousand million billion cheeseburgers (with fries to go).

Mountain Biking

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Researcher 51076

Can't let this go! The americans are generally quite nice people who like the British and make the majority of our mountain bikes. Sorry to disagree. They also have possibly the best offroad riding terrain in the world. And generally after a day riding MOAB or Palisades will want to eat lots of carbo food.

Mountain Biking

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

I also need to offer my humble opinion. As a former resident of Moab Utah I can attest that untill very recently you most certainly had to ride to the top of the hill as there were no lifts. But when you go to the big downhill events you could not possibly ride up some of these trails as they are at a very steep angle. Other than that, most American riders so indeed ride to the top and then throw themselves down. Marv

Mountain Biking

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I just have to stick my nose in and say, they ride bikes the same as us so leave them alone. The ones that we should be haveing a go at are the stuck up, inconsiderate ramblers. kill 'em all I say, kill 'em all. Oh sorry, got to go, the men in white coats say I have to take my pills now!

Mountain Biking

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You don't have to be fit to climb hills in the UK, as they're all about the size of Calista Flockhart's breasts.

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