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"Stone age brain"

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Santragenius V

Some time ago I heard a quite renowned Danish brain researcher on the morning radio. Now, the memory part of my brain isn't what it used to be smiley - winkeye - but according to his interpretations of theory, some of the gender specificities could well be evolutionary in origin - and just stuck there.

In stone age time, the men generally was responsible for hunting. Thus, they had to be good at focusing and concentrating at one thing only - and to be good to find their way (so as to be able to bring home the food).

In parallel, the women generally was responsible for "everything else" (some say they still are smiley - winkeye) - which meant good parallel processing (keeping an eye on the fire, the kids, etc etc and never loosing the overall view) etc.

But as you say, these thing can explain some differences part of the way - but there is a lot more to it...

Very good entry - both halves of it !

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"Stone age brain"

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