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John de Lancie as Q

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Steve K.

I think de Lancie deserves a big hand for his creation of a memorable character, "Q". Of course, with the writers' help. I have an 800+page, 8.5x11" book titled "The Star Trek Scriptbooks: The Q Chronicles", which the back cover claims has "the original scripts for each of Q's unforgettable encounters with the Federation". (I was at one time trying to write screenplays, before learniong that its hopeless).

My favorite is "Deja Q",which has this at the end of the "Teaser" (Intro):


The sound continues to grow ... and seems to surround the ship ... they react ... almost deafening now ...

Riker: Worf, what the hell do the sensors show ...?

Worf: The sound is not registering, Commander ...

The sound swirling inside and all around ... ends witha slight POP. Q APPEARS, naked, suspended above everyone, as though a puppet held by invisible strings.

Q: Red Alert.

Picard: Q.

And Q promptly crashes to the floor.


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John de Lancie as Q

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