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Does pain exist? Please help.

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Pope Edgar Montgomery 3rd, Lord of all that's heavy and electric (and ANARCHY), now not grooming for 1 week+ as a statement, and

Recently, I have been unable to feel certain amounts of pain such as being hit or eating half a chilli bit by bit without drinking anything. When or whennot there has been alot of people I have felt it but not taken any pain in sometimes by telling myself i feel no pain and sometimes sub-consiously. I can feel pain i just don't take it in and even more don't show it. Is there something wrong like my nervous system rotting. If you have any answers please help. RULE ANARCHY.

Does pain exist? Please help.

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Whether you feel a sensation as painful or not can very often depend on the situation. If you're involved in physical exercise then the natural endorphins in your system would probably block out a 'painful' sensation. In the same way, if you're concentrating on something else it is possible to ignore 'pain'.

On the other hand there are a few diseases that can cause an inability to feel pain - the most common of which is probably uncontrolled diabetes, which can cause a lack of sensation (called 'peripheral neuropathy') from the extremeties (fingers, toes, etc).

If there truly IS something wrong with your nervous system it would probably cause more symptoms than the occaisional UID (unidentified drinking injury smiley - winkeye )

Though to answer the question 'does pain exists?' i'd refer you to the section on 'nociception'.

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