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Stages of the Big-Bang

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The Big-Bang, as we know it, cannot be a process spread over a small duration of time.
The size and the mass of the complete universe are mere assumptions. however, even if we take any of those assumptions and work upon them, we can easily assume the magnitude of forces which acted in continuance and in coherence to cause what we call the Big-Bang.
If we assume the singularity of the big-bang to be a massive sphere, we can easily say that the entity cannot be absolutely consistent in composition. A massive build-up of pressure and temperature at the core of the mass and its relative imbalance with the surrounding and the outer layers of the mass can cause the explosion. Moreover, even for that to occur, we need to know the exact composition and state of the mass. we need to know whether it was Solid or Liquid or Gaseous or a combination of these.
If we assume it to be completely gaseous or a combination involving gaseous layers towards the outer boundary, we will have to take into account the interaction of that outer boundary with the surroundings, which, I may say, is a further mystery.
If we assume it to be a dense solid due to the extreme amounts of temperature and pressure acting on it, then, the interaction point can be negated to a great extent.

Whatever we may say, the BALL needs to be studied a lot more in consideration of its composition, state and its interaction with the "?".

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Stages of the Big-Bang

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