A Conversation for Cockney Rhyming Slang

Drug refernces

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One still used by every Londoner

Jimmy - Jimmy Boyle - Foil
as in tin foil for the purpose of smoking heroin
As in "pass the jimmy"

(Also bubble bath - laugh - was always used at one remove in my day.
i.e "You've got no jimmy? You're having a radox")

Jacks - Jack and Jills - Pills - ectasy in the '90s

Managed to get a few anglophone french mates to refer to Es as Chiracs in Paris in the 1990s (as opposed to Taz, the verlon - french backslang - for exta) This was bilngual cockney rhyming slang at one remove

"Donne-moi un Chirac, mec/meuf"

Couldn't make it catch on, unfortunately

Drug refernces

Post 2


Also "Garys"- as in gary ablets- meaning, yep you guessed it- tablets, that is to say ecstacy!
"had a couple of garys last night, i was off me box!"

Drug refernces

Post 3


Up in Cov(entry)
Josey Wales = Scales = Josies
as in
"that last wrap was fn light, I checked it on me Josies"

Drug refernces

Post 4


Vera Lynns = Skins.
Used by the Shamen in Ebeneezer Goode "Got any Veras?"
smiley - ok

Drug refernces

Post 5


Yep - chucked a couple of Garys down my Gregory - hammered.
Happy days

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