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Asmodai Dark (The Eternal Builder, servant of Howard, Crom, and Beans)

Wasnt Posiden a Titan and not a god? Because the Gods couldnt control the sea i dont think, only the last Titan - Posiden - because Zeus could never reach him.

Oh and Atlas - who i dont think is called atlas

The titan

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Researcher 168963

The Greek myths do tend to vary a lot, but I did use a lot of sources which agreed Poseidon was a God. Mind you, the gap between the Gods and the Titans is pretty narrow - Zeus et al being children of Cronos the titan.

And I don't understand what you're saying about Atlas smiley - erm Sorry.

smiley - thief D

The titan

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Asmodai Dark (The Eternal Builder, servant of Howard, Crom, and Beans)

Well the guy who we all call Atlas, who held up the sky, wasnt called Atlas, and he was a Titan. Wasnt really relevant.

I've always thought Posidan was a Titan though, Ill do some digging around myself and see what i can come up with

The titan

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You are right, Greek myths do vary, because different areas of Greece had their own versions. Poseidon is a god in most versions, not a titan. in fact, he was brother to Zeus.
Dionysus was considered an Olympian in some areas.
The titan who held up the sky was called Atlas.

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