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Not true LRP

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Mr. Dreadful - But really I'm not actually your friend, but I am...

From what I've heard the events organised by the Camarilla can be, at best, described as tabletop-with-costumes as there is very little real skill involved and the success of an action relies more on the laws of chance (hence the rock-paper-scissors system) than actual roleplaying.

Not true LRP

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The system itself now revolves around cards numbered from 1-10. and although no element of skill is needed, it is still more than "tabletop with costumes"

its closer to improvisational theatre with a set of rules behind it.
hence "minds eye Theatre"

Not true LRP

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Navigatorblack of the EAN Blackheart

as Castellan of my local Ordo, I can tell you that oWoD and nWoD are definitely LARPs. There is a tabletop version, but that is a LOT different.

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