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almost pegged him

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I may not be the most eloquent writer, and I can't play guitar to save my soul, but I definately know a great musician when I hear one. Neil Young is an amazing artist of unbridled talent. Yes, he is a touch unorthodox in his use of off key and off beat musicians(Crazy Horse), but then again, he has been around the block.
Neil Young has what most musicians in this day and age lack, a backbone. He makes the music he want's to hear, and play. He tried the commercial route with This Notes For You, and well, I admit it sucked. If you delve deep into the recesses of Neil Young's career there are many great songs, but they are mixed in with the tortured rantings and ravings of a drug induced stupor that he was living in at the time.
Crazy Horse is not the most professional band, hell, most of them have a hard time keeping up with Neil when he plays; but they are his band and they work well together.
I'm not saying that you cut Neil up, you did him just, but it was lacking in the justification end of things.

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almost pegged him

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