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Thanks for a most informative entry. I wonder why we have become coy about discussing so many normal bodily functions?

I'm sure many families have their own euphemisms for defecation/stools - in my childhood it was referred to a 'doing a packet'. I have also come across 'big job' & 'big effort'.

To lower the tone even further, I wonder how many people have experienced the immense range a baby can project (without a nappy on). My son managed a good 3 - 4 feet on one memorable occasion (all over the carpet & my husband's jeans).

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two interesting euphemisms for the most important act of man after eating:one of my friend used to say whenever he had a call that he was "going for some serious thinking".
Another man in Canada is reported to have said that"I am going to find the price of wheat in Chicago".

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My dad used to say, " I'm going to see a man about a horse. "

A friend says, " I'm going for a bio-break. "

Actor James Key (and I'm sure he originated this) is well known for his laconic
" I'm going to drop the boys off at the pool. "

Light hearted addition - more euphemisms

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Malabarista - now with added pony

There's the little daughter of the friend of a friend (yeah, yeah, I know - but I was there smiley - winkeye) She'd been taught to say "Ich muss Blümchen pflücken"° when she needed to pee - her mother thought this was cute. Until the day when, in a restaurant, she jumped up and said, loudly enough for all the patrons to hear "Ich muss nicht nur Blümchen pflücken, ich muss auch kacken!"°° - much to the embarrassment of her mother and the general hilarity of everyone else smiley - rofl

°I have to go pick little flowers
°°I don't only have to go pick little flowers, I have to poo, too!

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