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As a matter of interest Elisabeth Braddock (aka Psylocke) died in August of 2001 while risking her life for Beast.

An X-Woman of note who was overlooked was Jubilation Lee (aka Jubilee) who became a member of the X-Men after saving the life of Wolverine in Madipoor (or was it Australia? I forget sometimes.) Her powers were pyrokinetic displays from her figures which were manifested in the form of fireworks.

A recent addition to the team is Emma Frost (aka The White Queen) a former villian turned "good guy" who was the headmistress at the Massachusetts based School for Gifted Children which housed the teen mutant group Generation X. Emma had the telepathic powers and the ability to swap her mind with another person, however due to recent evolution she has retained the telepathic powers, lost the mind swapping and gained the ability to change her skin to diamond in both colour and density; in her diamond state she loses touch of her emotions and can be considered extremely dangerous.

Another new one is the woman known only as X-Stacy who joined the X-Men after they rescued her from the mutant brothel she was working at known as the X-Ranch. Her powers are the ability to control men by releasing phermones and making a suggestion which they will follow without question.

Also in the Villians section I think that one really should give the Sentinels their due: these are giant robots designed by Boliver Trask and then his son Larry Trask designed for the sole purpose of protected homo sapiens through the capture or eradication of homo sapien superiors (aka mutant.)


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i thought psylocke was alive again


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I know this is a long jump in speaking, but Psylocke, comic-wise, is definiely dead, as far as I know. There's a few others of note, like
QUICKSILVER- son of Magneto, born with the ability to run at high velocity(upper limit-Mach1).
SAURON-A psychologist that later found himself to be a kind of psychic vampire, he accidentally merged himself with a flying reptile after trying to reach into Havok's psyche. Later committed psychic suicide trying to drain Jean Grey, leaving Sauron a brainless reptile.
also ones like
Pete Wisdom
Captain Britain

and tons of others, will fill in as I find/remember the pertinent stuff.

Jubilee saved Wolvie in Austrailia, by the way.


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also don't forgot apocalypse as a major bad guysmiley - biggrin

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