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I recently bought a digital video camera and am wondering if anyone knows of a simple to use, but "good" editing software package.

Editing Software

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Well there is a Program created by Microsoft(r) called Movie Maker. I hope that Helps smiley - smiley. You can find iton the Microsoft Website and the good thing about it is that it's free and has loads of features.

Editing Software

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well.....movie maker by MS is pretty cool, but if you want to some greater flexibility and ability to use some creativity, Apple's iMovie is hard to beat. We have been successfully using it for over 3 yrs now with our summerschool projects for children. So powerful yet so easy to use. Comes as a free download with all new Apple computers - Creativity was never so much fun.smiley - biggrin

Editing Software

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Biggles Rocks as do Austin, Raymond E Feist and Tom Clancy.

I recommend Pinnical, the interface is really nice and its simple to use. I would definitly make sure you get one whith a preview before rendering option otherwise you have to wait ages before you can see what you've done.

Editing Software

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Not sure about 'simple' but I use a 'good' one called Media Studio Pro. It's manufactured by ULead (http://www.ulead.co.uk) and it does nearly everything you ever need, and a bunch of things you don't! All the amateur videos that I've edited have used this package (check my personal page to a link to my website, with some downloadable videos in Real format). I found it to be very intuitive when I first picked it up, and I'm currently considering upgrading from 6.5 to 7 (but it'll cost me!).

As with all media, you need to ask yourself one question. What is the end use?

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