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Davy Crockett, Tennessee Legend

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B Parsley

Good article. Learned a few new things. However, the Alamo was not a city/town in Texas. It was an old Spanish mission in San Antonio de Bexar (now San Antonio, Texas located in Bexar County). It is the number one tourest attraction in Texas. smiley - smiley

Davy Crockett, Tennessee Legend

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

Oh, thank you for reminding me about that. smiley - biggrin

I repudiate that footnote in its entirety - I didn't write it. It was added in the editing process.

I know about the Alamo - I just wrote the text on it for a history course that has to meet Texas school board standards.smiley - rofl

The cry 'Remember the Alamo!' was heard at the battle of San Jacinto.

And for the record - my sympathies are with the newly indepdendent Mexicans. That was the biggest land grab of all time. *duck* Poor Johan August Sutter of Switzerland...lost all his property to gold hunters...just because he was a Mexican citizen...who said those eejits could have Alta California? Hmpf. Oh, and the Republic of California flag looked like a pig, not a bear...smiley - whistle

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Davy Crockett, Tennessee Legend

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