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King of True Heather?

Where's True Heather?

Is it near Boznia-Herzegovinia?

And how did Calluna get to be King in the first place?

He's just a bloke who drinks down the pub round by my house.


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Barneys Bucksaws

What type of climate does it prefer? Would it grow on the Canadian prairies?


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Spaceechik, Typomancer

Now I'm wondering what has been perpetrated on the gullible American public as "Heather"! It's a pretty plant, but...... is it REAL?!?

Seriously, interesting information; I will go to my gardening center to check it out. The only color commonly known in So Cal is a deep mauve. Grey foliage, wow.

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Wilfrid is 42 (1x7x3+0+21)


Calluna vulgaris is very hardy for a European. In terms of North American climate zones, it will happily tolerate Zones 5-7 ie down to average annual minimum temperatures of -20 F. (The UK is Zones 7-9, and Calluna is native to the Zone 7 areas - 0 F - such as the Scottish Highlands). The main enemies for you are your cold dry winds of winter which dessicate the plant, and possibly too hot a summer. Solutions are to ensure the soil contains masses of organic material to retain moisture during dry summers, and provide shelter from the wind during winter with taller shrubs or possibly a covering of straw.


Browse this link, my friend. Lots of beautiful photos to drool over, and a list of good suppliers, worldwide.

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Wilfrid is 42 (1x7x3+0+21)


run a well-known search-engine that nearly rhymes with Bugle-dot-com. Go to advanced search and enter 'Wickwar Flame'. On the first page of results you will find a link to a respectable national society of UK heather enthusiasts. They are not trying to sell anything - just trying to help


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Barneys Bucksaws

Thanks for the info. I think I have almost an optimum spot to try some - very warm in summer, and I water every other day, and protected and sunny in winter. I'm going to hit all the garden centers in Spring till I find some! With a Grannie who grew up in Aberdeen, and her stories of the heather, I've always wanted it in my garden.


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