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You are only looking at the debate in a scientific context, and while that does lend insight to the matter, it means that some of the questions you are asking can not be answered. It is my personal belief that the appreciation of beauty for the sake of beauty, with no other motives, is the proof that humans are more than just animals trying to survive and pass on genes. The concept of beauty shows that beyond superior intellect, humans have souls whose essence and influence extend beyond the mortal coil.
What we see as "human" actions and emotions by animals is also an example of a higher purpose. When it comes down to it, if evolution and genetic superiority were all that mattered, the only prompts or emotions needed would be pleasure and pain. Beauty is a much more subtle and complex thing and is not a product of nature as we know it.
(Sorry if this was long winded or preachy, I'm not trying to inflict my philosophy on others.) smiley - smiley

Beautifull post !

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i thought this was great read, reading this has answered many of the questions and doubts i still had about evolution, to me life seems far too conveniently "made" to live. it seems unnessesary steps have been taken in the human development to make life pleasant to live rather than a more utilitarian as would make sense evolutionarily, this post along with alot of other thinking and reading has served to explain ( albeit scientifically ) the parts of evolution i did not understand

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Beauty and Attraction

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I really enjoyed the posting. It really got to grips with the subject of aesthetics in evolution. smiley - smiley

Human ability and desire to describe, understand and express beauty in all its forms seems to be of a complexity greater than the attraction of animal towards the plummage of one of the same species. I wonder if this could ever be explained or if it is so diverse and must be divided up into component parts first

I find it interesting that the human appreciation of beauty in nature has often resulted in its destruction. I'm thinking in reference to trophy stag's heads on Victorian wall and Tiger Skin rugs on their floors.

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