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It's about the 22th of october in 2006 and in The Netherlands (Holland) we are voting today for a new parliament.(150 seats)

In parliament there are at this moment about fifteen parties and still I don't know whitch party to vote for, like mány others (30% of all voters). That groups grows at every new elections.

We have scial democrates, christian democrats and liberal democrats with all kinds of variations and some very populistic parties.

During the campaigns I did not hear óne word about the behaviour of Israël in Libanon this year.Not óne word about the Middle East, or Iran.
Let alone Russia and its dictatorial behaviour.

Not óne word about European union, Turkey, and the European constitution.

I just don't know what to vote, but by writing about it now I suddenly do know.
I shall vote for the social liberals, because of what they are = sound and balanced, and what they have done = euthanasia, gay marriage,investing in poor areas in the big cities.A specific minister was "created" to do that specific job.

It's a while ago, but about eight years ago they did something I was waiting for for many years and no one ever talked about it.

Its the law of inheritance.

Before they were in government (always as a very small party in a coalition; they have about ten seats in parliament of 150 seats)
the law of inheritance had a very nasty and dehumiliating rule.

If one of the parents did die,most of the times the widow stays in the house as long as she/he whishes and could manage the money as he/she pleased.
The old law made it possible that the children could claim their part of the inheritance while one of their very own parents was just 100% alive.
That could álso mean, that the widow parent was forced to séll his/her
very own house, so that the children could grap their money....

So dehumiliating, so sickening. (No, I myself just rent a small apartment and I have not lots of money and properties).

When the social liberals were part of the government in the ninetees (they still are, but in a different coalition)they put a lot of energy in changing that law, and now, these days, the widow-parent has the right to refuse a claim of the children,and when he/she does so, it will be respected for 100% by the judge in trial.

Christian democrats, social democrats; they never changed it.
No sense for such "small things".

The social liberals are a party that has it's roots in the sixtees.Not as an outspoken left-green party, but as a party with modern views about morality.(to say it in a few words)and as a party that wanted radical changes in the political voting system as one of their main issues.More "direct democracy"

They never succeded, while they participated in many governments, as small as they were and are.
So now one of the founders openly says that it should finally discontinue after being a small party for 40 years and now becoming a very small one (about 2 seats is their expectation)
It makes sense.

I think I'll vote to say "thanks" for their attitude (and not any party will become big with such a transparant attitude) ánd their forty years of imput in parliament/government and their few essential changes they achieved.

I'm not a member of the party. I did not always vote for it (just once) and I indeed I believe they better stop before the next election after 4 years t come.

I'm always more a "strategic voter".

I'll go and vote and say; "thánks".

Greetings from Amsterdam smiley - smiley

Dutch liberal democrats

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As was ecpected, the social liberals lost 50% of their votes and remain now just two seats in parliament. They should use these coming years to put effort in what they stand for and prepare a solid "farewell" to the voters and those in the political arena.

For the rest; the total results makes a solid coalition very difficult.
It's all in my own words with my own labels. What in your country may be called "liberal democrats" could be "conservatives" in Holland.

But, just to give sóme kind of picture.I'm not the ambassador, but Alfredo and he just likes to share now and then what happens in the Lowlands.

150 seats in Dutch parliament.

Christian democrats had 44 and now 41 seats
Social Democrats 42 32

conservatives(dutch way)28 22

Socialistic Party
(no roots in past comm) 9 26

Right wing populist.p 0 9
in myview a racist party

Let me say;"The Greens" 8 7

Social Liberals 6 3

Conserv. christ.party 2 2

Another christ.party 3 6

Right wing populists 0 9

Party for the animals 0 2

I come to a total of 159 seats, while we just have 150 smiley - smiley

What upsets me most, is the gain of seats from zero to nine, by
a nationalistic - in my view racist - party. This is more than populism of Fortuyn who was killed by an activist a few years ago.
It will only polarize instead of unite.

Very new is the "party for the animals".
As far as I understand, such activism has in Brittain has already it's own long history and can sometimes be extreme.

The number one issue among most of the voters appears to be.........
the same as in U.S.A. last campaign Bush/Gore; "morals and principals".

But the world keeps turning.

Dutch liberal democrats

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Now I know why the outcome is 159 seats.

I do mention " Right wing populists" twice = 9 + 9.

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