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I've always been fascinated by Eleanor and really enjoyed the article. But I would like to put another side of the story about the annulment of her and Louis' marriage.

Although Eleanor may have had affairs, a more pressing concern was the lack of male heirs for France, as under salic law females couldn't inherit the throne. There was also the issue that Eleanor and Louis were fourth cousins. People this closely related were forbidden to marry unless given a dispensation by the Pope - which had not been arranged on E and L's marriage. No male heir was considered a sign of displeasure from God on an unlawful marriage.

And the story about an affair with Saladin is indeed debatable as he was roughly 12 or 13 at the time Eleanor visited the Holy Land. This story gained a hold later when Eleanor's reputation had suffered. But on the other hand it does seem likely that she slept with her Uncle Raymond of Antioch.

But hey, what a woman! smiley - biggrin

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What a woman smiley - ale

Yes I agree. There has been a very interesting book published in 1999...

Eleanor of Aquitaine ("By the Wrath of God, Queen of England.")

Author: Alison Weir.

Well worth reading.

A different perspective

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Eleanor also crossed the Pyrenees in her seventies to collect a grandchild for an arranged marriage back home.

What a gal!!

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