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Amigas are great! (So are Ataris)

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Captain Flack

I still use my A1200 for graphics in Persnal Paint, Photogenics and Delux Paint. I can then export the images and touch them up on the Mac in Photoshop if I neen to. I also use it to play games when my girlfriend is using the Mac. The Amiga is still a great games machine and there are hundreds of games available for very little or even free. The Amiga Classics compilation CDs are really good. The people who produce them also supply a simple kit to network an Amiga and a PC.(Well sort of, the PC is a slave machine but it allows you to access all the PC drives with the Amiga!)

I also have an Atari 1200 which is another great games machine. Berlin University have hundreds of games for this machine held as disk images on their ftp site.
ftp.//ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/atari/games The text games include the original hitchhiker text adventure that Douglas Adams helped to write.
These disk images can be used directly by an Atari emulator run on a PC or Mac. To use them on a real Atari they have to be written back onto a DD floppy disk by a program called MakeDisk.

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Amigas are great! (So are Ataris)

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