A Conversation for How Not to Name Children

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clzoomer- a bit woobly

Work with Robin Hood, dated Marion Christmas, have a friend who owns a car body shop who's name is Mr. Dent, went to a dentist named Dr. Payne, been to a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho King Ho, shopped at a retail/commercial shop called Foo King Restaurant Supply, heard of someone called Wa Ter Mark.


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In my home town we have Richard Blower and his son Richard Blower Jr. Also we have a Harold Balls. These are just the ones I remember from the phone book listings.

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suet pudding

not a person but strange just the same. Our doctors practice is called Killingall Surgery.

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Michael Jackson is a far more common combination of names than people realise...

..I know none of them, but Michael Jackson is variably

i) an American entertainer with an interest in the welfare of young boys;

ii)a British Army general;

iii) the controller of BBC2 TV.

And thinking about it, I know a Sinead O'Connor with a full and lovely head of hair; the worst of it is, her father's called Desmond....

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We have a motor cycle shop and repair centre near us called Dave Death, and there used to be a firm of solicitors in Plymouth known as Dootlittle and Dally!

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the fabulous eener

There is a very well respected an well known man in my town (rather pompous, though)with the unfortunate name of Rchard Head.

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the fabulous eener

o sorry, meant richard head. there is also a boy at my shcool named eric shin. poor guy.

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In the Army I knew the one recruit soldier who was called by his first name by drill sergeants and sergeant-majors.

Well, imagine a drill-sergeant bellowing accross the parade ground


nope, doesn't do any good for the essential machismo of the position... so he was "Michael" to the DS.

Mike Darling was a damn fine bloke, btw...

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I know an indian fellow called,
dik-shit Shama
tihihi and a girl in the office is called
Annita Kiss

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An optician where I used to lived was called R.Sandler and was known locally as "the bottom feeler".

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Much mirth was had on "Have I Got News For You" the other night,at the expense of a hapless American Presidential employee called Randy Bumgardner... apparently he's senior concierge at the White House and responsible for looking after guests of the Pres...

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I used to work with a lady with the wonderful/unfortunate/amusing name of Shagmufta

Oh, and hello everyone, first post on here.

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Another doctor's practice called "Kilmeny Surgery"smiley - laugh

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In Las Vegas, Nevada, there is a Buzzard Eye Institute, whom I would prefer not to go digging about in my eyes. In Dallas, Texas, there is a recently renamed hospital, the R. E. Dedman Medical Center, now just the RED medical center. At one point, I thought about going into Veterinary Medicine, and was going to change my middle name to Oscar so I could have "Dr. D.O. Little" on the door.smiley - winkeye

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wasn't there a Captain Darling in Blackadder 4??

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PermaHugs all round

We had a poor exchange student from Asia visit our highschool with the unfortunate name of My Wang, spelled exactly thus...

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