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body drying shower

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As I was getting out of the shower today, a thought hit me, as I was grappling with the bath towel trying to dry myself, which I always find tedious, why can't we have a body dryer connected to the shower, similar to the hand blow drying machines in public toilets. It would be lovely to just stand under the shower, and have your body blow dried, without having to use large bath towels. It would be more hygienic, time saving and at the same time relaxing. Has anyone else had any similar thoughts, that could improve the drudgery in our daily lives?

body drying shower

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Dr Hell

Watch your electricity bill.

In the spirit of h2g2: Towels are great



body drying shower

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Maybe showering with liquid nitrogen would work? It evaporates really quickly. But hold your breath...

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