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Decaf Silicon

Is this the card game in which unsuspecting new players are not told any of the rules?


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No, I don't think so...

smiley - erm



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Floh Fortuneswell

Certainly not smiley - smiley


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Researcher 233361

When I was in the service we used to play a variation of this game. eights skipped next player, Kings reversed play, jokers caused the next player to pick up four and Jacks were wild cards which could change suits. Opposed to Uno, if the next player can't discard, he or she only has to take one card before passing to the next player. Also, players can lay a 7 or joker on top of other 7s and Jokers, causing the next player to pick up 4, 8 sometimes 12 or more cards. And if you are down to last card and don't call it and get caught, you have to pick up two.


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Some play it even harder:
If the last card in ones hand has been announced, nobody is allowed to talk unless there is no last card left (game over, or last card holder has to pick up a card). If somebody speaks anyway they have to pick up a card for each word they say. You can imagine the dialogues...

"Has anybody seen..."
"Oh Sh**..."

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P.S.: Only exception, BTW: Somebody has to announce their last card.


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Another optional rule:
When a King is played, everyone has to put their hand on the pile of cards as fast as they can. The last one either takes the whole pile or one card from each player (this again is optional).
Of course you can customize this game endlessly, including penalties like drinking or stripping for example.

Playing MauMau with all these rules and a large number of people (you may have to add another deck of cards) is very entertaining.

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