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"I cherish their music in my heart and their songs found their own way in me, far away from 1962-1970.
It has inspired me and probably will continue to do so.

With many thanks to The British pop culture and the four from Liverpool".

Greetings from Amsterdam

My "Music Memory" of "Yesterday",by The Beatles (as part of BBC project;"Music Memeories", that is no longer)


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Well, I just did read this entry again, and it's interesting to read the description about their (not) working together. The picture is rather poor. John doesn't seem to have a neck. (I'm sorry)

What comes up in my mind now and then, is, that I once saw a book that had the aim to explain the "history" of every Beatles song.
So, more than only the John and Paul combination.
Especially where the subject came from, who choose the instruments, how long had it existed before recording it.
I mean, real relevant cultural/musical/personal information.

That brings me to the third comment; I miss a list of relevant books/sites in this case (and of course I wonder what book it may have been I just described.)

Having said this, I say that I have no interest at all in details from the Beatles cult. They clearly were a cult group, although that word did not exist in those days.

I cherish their songs in my heart, especially when I am bicycling through Amsterdam, but I never felt the need to become a clone of one of them.

They inspired me and still do, and for that I am very, véry grateful.

Greetings from Amsterdam

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Strangely enough, I regularly did not like their singles.

Songs as paperback writer , Help, Let it be, Ticket to ride, Day tripper, Get back. No they did/do not really move me.

At the albums there's more "chemistry" I guess.

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I too didn't much like the singles - and bought nary a one, whilst getting the albums as they appeared.

I agree with the comment elsewhere that they brought a useful contrast in approaches (McCartney's melodic sense, Lennon's acerbic observations) together to form something greater than its parts - as both their subsequent careers illustrated, in my opinion, and "Imagine" notwithstanding (I actually like to imagine there IS a heaven; you may think I'm a dreamer blah blah blah...).

And as a slightly queezy flier, I for one am not reassured on entering John Lennon airport's terminal (great word!) building to be informed that "above us is only sky"....

I AM impressed by the early Beatles' good taste in the matter of cover versions - a particular favourite being "A Taste of Honey" - which I recall as starting life as the main theme for a gritty northern social-realism movie, probably featuring Rita Tushingham and - who knows? - even Tom Courtney...sung by the Beatles it becomes a wistful and positive piece of music - and 3/4 time is perfect - just like Acker, and ruined by Herb Alpert and the Hollies doubling-up the tempo)

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