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Superheated gas?

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Studies into the effects of shape charge warheads show that the shaped copper (usually) cone does not produce a superheated gas jet. In fact, the copper stays in its solid state although it appears liquid due to the incredibly high strain rates.

The performance of this copper 'jet' is not in anyway related to heat. The high velocity (10 km/s +) and the density of the armour material are the key factors. X-ray photography shows the impact to be reminiscent of pouring one liquid into another. Think of water and oil, if you pour water into oil it doesn't get very far yet if you pour the oil into the water it 'penetrates' much further and this is all down to density. A shaped charge impact works in much the same way (for a fraction of a second at least!).

I hope this information is of some help. It's hard to explain how a shaped charge really works without the aid of pictures!

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Superheated gas?

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