A Conversation for Beer - What Makes it Lager or Ale?


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Does anyone know when a beer is a 'pils'?
I don't know if this word is used in Britain, but a lot of German and Dutch beers are classified as 'pils'.


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Not to mention the Belgian pilses.


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Bruce from the University of Woolloomooloo

"Pilsner" specifically refers to a beer type, rather than to the method of producing it. The 'Pilsner' refers to Plzen in former Czechoslovakia where it was first produced.

It is a lager beer, brewed with lager yeast. However, as beer is a combination of ingrediants, the ones that define a Pils are:
-'soft' water in the mash
-the use of Saaz hops, used for aroma rather than bitterness

Lagering the beer under optimum conditions would also allow other characteristics to develop. But in this sad, hurried world beers are cranked out like milk crates - servicable, but you would prefer IKEA furniture round the house

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