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Funny game! I like your entry very much. You might add that things can lead to even more fun smiley - drunk and headache smiley - hangover quickly, if the "small drink" is of high alcohol content!

I know two variations in rules:

1) Three sixes are simply a bock (another name: "General") or you can keep a single one, not two, if you decide to throw again.

2) The "Schock Aus" is handled different from the way you descibed:
a) In phase one the remaining deckel from the stock are given to the looser of the round.
b) In phase two the winner of the round (the one with the "Schock Aus") gives all his deckel to the looser of the round.
c) If you have a "Schock Aus" in one single throw, you are the winner of that round, of course, and you have to give a small drink smiley - bubbly to everybody, immediately.

smiley - winkeyesmiley - cheers


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Whoami - iD dislikes punctuation

Both the author and I would have loved to have put more variants in, but it was felt that there are so many that it wasn't practical. By all means post them here - we're all interested to hear waht you all get up to!

Whoami? (sub-ed of this article)


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"high alcohol content" is the main part of the drinks. We usually take "Korn", "Apfelkorn" or "Jaegermeister".

Your variants sound interesting. We'll try them out.

- liooth

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