A Conversation for Vomiting - a Cautionary Tale from New Zealand

Sheffield Rag Puke Book

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Researcher 196952

The Rag Committee at Sheffield University keeps a Puke Book to record every instance of alcohol-induced vomting during their activities.
It started in 1966 and continues to this day. My own entries are in volume 2.
Each puker has to give a name to his/her produce - an incredible list of euphemisms for chundering ('The Grand Old Puke of York' was one I witnessed, but perhaps the best name was 'The Automatic Choke').
Bizarrely, a graph of pukes per year closely matches the rate of inflation in the UK, though its validity as an economic indicator has not been accepted by the Bank of England.
Ewen McLaughlin

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Sheffield Rag Puke Book

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