A Conversation for SS-Hauptscharfuhrer Konrad Morgen - the Bloodhound Judge

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Thank you for bringing such a fascinating individual to my attention. I'm certainly going to look for more information about him. One point: What did you mean by excepting Denmark, Finland, Japan and Vatican city? From the condemnation or from the not doing anything concrete about it. The wording was a bit confusing but I assume the former as you included Japan.

Now that is courage!

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Hiya mate,

Apparently, the Danes, Finns, Japanese and the people of the Vatican actively helped the jews in their society to escape from the marauding SS battalions. The Japanese allowed the jews to come to their country without creating any problems with immigration for them, in spite of their active collabration with Hitler. Good luck with your search for information on the Bloodhound, please do let me know if you find out what happened to him after the war smiley - smiley Cheers, mate !

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hi, i'm certainly going to research konrad morgen some more.
BUT what does worry me is that he is already a main figure in the holocaust denyers argument and is often used by irving.
morgen was indeed a stickler for the letter of the law but was more concerned MAYBE with camp commandants stealing from the reich than
anything else.
with regards to the vatican well i'v heard and researched a totally
differant version.
they for sure helped klauss barbie get to s.america and maybe eichman
and probably mengele.

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Now that is courage!

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