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Radio Series 1985-96

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Sorry to be a busy body, But here are the radio attempts to revive Doctor Who, the one during the shows hiatus, and the two before the TV Movie


During the eighteen month hiatus of the show Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant reprised their roles as the Doctor and Peri in a one hour long radio drama, split up into six parts as part of a magazine show called Pirate Radio Four. With so many cliffhangers, and so little time, the plot was a bit thin and clearly intended for children, and the more adult fans found it embarassing. The show was broadcast from the 25 July to 8 August 1985, and presumably set before Trial of A Timelord.

For the 30th Anniversary Jon Pertwee returned to act in one radio serial, five episodes long, 'The Paradise of Death', acting alongside Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier and Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah-Jane, as well as introducing the much maligned companion Jeremy played by Richard Pearce. Fan reaction seems to range from 'Not Bad' to 'Awful', though personally I'd say it's an enjoyable adventure and did the job of a thirtieth anniversary event- pure nostalgia. The series ran from the 8th August - 24th September 1993 on Radio 5, and resulted in a sequel, 'The Ghosts of N-Space' which ran for six episodes from 20 January - 24 February 1996, and was not as positively recieved, with more comic characters dominating the script. Alledgedly both series took place within Season 11, and both were written by Barry Letts.

Though fan reaction to the Ghosts of N-Space was as a very poor, if worthwhile, attempt at a Doctor Who story, presumably other serials would have continued, if not for the death of Jon Pertwee in May that year, and the TV Movie bringing the Doctor to his original medium. As such, the next 'official' Doctor Who radio stories would be the Big Finish Audio Adventures.

Radio Series 1985-96

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The Colin Baker Radio drama was called 'Slipback', and written by Eric Saward, author of Revelation of the Daleks, The Visitation and also Script Editor.

It also contradicts Terminus by featuring a different version of the big bang.

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