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Kenny Mutter

My word! An entire entry on RADAR, and not a single mention of Malvern. Wasn't in Churchill who said that, "The Battle of Waterloo may have been won on the playing fields of Eton, but the Battle of Britain was won on the playing fields of Malvern"? A reference to the research establishment based initially at Malvern College, which eventually became DTSL and QinetiQ.


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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

smiley - laugh Hey, wouldn't you say that the entry is big enough as it is? Something always has to give smiley - erm

Please don't get me wrong, I've been there when the site was still called RSRE, and I've been on that hill too smiley - smiley

BTW, have you seen A733565, Behind the Battle of Britain ?

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