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Russian roulette

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When I saw this I thought I knew the game but I soon realised I was confusing Revolver with Russian Roulette (no guns involved).

It is played outdoors (or at least, not in my house) and involves, say, six players with the same number of identical beer cans. Identical in all resepects except that one has been severely shaken up. You can probably guess the gist of the game - each person takes a can at random, holds it touching their nose, opens it and drinks it as fast as possible. Last one to finish loses and has to pay some penalty or other. It is not always the person with the soaking face and shirt!

Russian roulette

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I know a very diferent and much more lethal version, if it can be called so, of the game. Where I live it's called Sailor Roulette. Items necessary are: three identical shot glasses, some vodka, some high-percentage, colourless spirit (90%+ proof) and some water. Now, you put the full glasses (one of vodka, one of water and one of the brainkiller) before the first player. You turn them about in the 'three cups' manner. The player points to two of the glasses successively saying 'I'm gonna drink this and wash it down with this'. Which often leads to hilarious results, quite obviously. And obviously you need a couple of guys whose very ears leak testosterone to play it. It's fun to watch the idiots do it, though.

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