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Jim diGriz

I think it should be pointed out that some of the things mentioned in this article are still the subject of controversy in science.

The health benefits of organic food are questioned regularly in scientific studies, and it is still far from clear that there is a *marked* benefit.

Chinese medicine is also treated with much skepticism. Although some studies have found positive effects of acupuncture, many others have found no benefit at all.

Please note, I'm not saying that you are wrong; I'm just emphasising that science still has a way to go before it's clear exactly what is of benefit and what isn't.

I think there's good sense in eating things that are similar to what was around as we were evolving. But it's also worth observing that we are now living a *lot* longer than ever before in history, and that includes people who just don't care about their diet.

Anyway, live long and prosper! smiley - smiley



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Thank you Zoonie. That was a very informative article and I enjoyed reading it as did my "inner" hypochondriac, but I don't think that my doctor will appreciate me visiting him with a long list of checks to perform! smiley - silly

Unfortunately, I have an autoimmune thyroxin deficiency (my immune system attacks my thyroxin hormone) which means that I frequently have many of the symptoms you list in your article, but for a different reason.

I do agree the point Jim made in his posting even though I confess to buying organic produce when ever possible (even organic smiley - coffee which I drink far too much of!). smiley - bigeyes

As a vegan and find your advice to vegetarians interesting but most informed veggies/vegans should be aware of the necessity for a balanced diet, probably more so than most omnivores. smiley - smiley

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