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A great Guide entry. Why has it been left unattended? I think the BBC, because it also airs Radio 3, does not want to be accused of too much socks and violins.

Also why no research into maths and socks. If you put 6 socks, (3 pairs),into the machine, what will remain after washing? This probably defeated Einstein who is reputed to never wear socks.

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Socks and Violins

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Pheroneous II

good stuff.

It may be unattended now, but it had it's day in the sunshine some years ago.

Socks and Violins

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the link at the bottom no longer workssmiley - erm

smiley - coolsmiley - bubbly

Socks and Violins

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Pheroneous II

Yes. When I had finished the original I remember doing a search and finding an essay (something to do with a pub in Leytonstone, I think) which was remarkably similar. I hadn't seen it before, but to prevent charges of plagiarism I referred to it. I guess it's been taken down, it was a long time ago.

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