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The movie seems to be swinging into action...

Martin Freeman (from The Office) as Arthur Dent - good bit of casting!
Bill Nighey as Slartibartfarst
Mos Def and Ford Prefect - a break from the mould, so the jury's out on this one.

So in Hitchikers style, will it pay no attention to book/radio series/tv series etc.?

And who should play Zaphod?

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Bob McBob

Let's hope they have a better Zaphod head than the days of the TV show.

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spikefruit - {Master of All That Is Confusing and/or Irrelevant} (If I'm not on the Who's Online list, I'm not online.)

lol, zaphod is sam rockwell.

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I believe the only real casting worries are the midget from willow being Marvin and who will be the voice of the Guide? From other sites I have gathered that Alan Rickman and Patrick Stewart are the fans faves.

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I can hear that cheesy trailer voice now:

JOEL HOGDESON IS.....Arthur Dent

ROBBIN WILLIAMS IS.....Zaphod Beeblebrox

MIKE NELSON IS......Marvin


TOM HANKS IS.....The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

and that's all I've got right now =/

I never really got a good mental image of Slartbartifast in my mind, so I can't say anything for him. And if you read that, u can see I love MST3K....^^

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ok for real, an MST based cast would rock more than anyone could imagine!

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It would be nice to see a cool CGI head for zaphod. But they could use a card board box for all I care, as long as the writing is strong.

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I agree with the idea for an MST3K cast. So how about Trace Beaulieu as Slartibartfast?smiley - smiley

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