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Strong Sad = Marvin reincarnated?

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Hello, I'm new to these boards. I signed onto these boards after very recently reading the HHGG for the first time. And in the future, I'll have much more worthwhile thoughts and concepts to talk about...(after it's sunk into my mind, and after I've re-read it a few times) but for now, I will share just a simple mindless observation.

Often when I read books, I form a very clear picture in my mind of what a charcater looks like, no matter how the author describes that character. And all throughout the series, I pictured Marvin as the constantly depressed monochromatic "Strong Brother" on the www.homestarrunner.com site, Strong Sad.

Check it out! I don't know about anyone else...but I couldn't shake this image. No matter how much Mr Adams described his robotic features, I just pictured Strong Sad, and heard his voice. Strong Sad IS Marvin!

Goodness. It's almost 3 am where I am. I really should stop posting messages this late at night. Good night everyone.

Strong Sad = Marvin reincarnated?

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Darth Zaphod

i agree. I love homestar runner, and love strong sadsmiley - smiley Glad to see another fan on h2g2smiley - smiley

DZsmiley - planet

Strong Sad = Marvin reincarnated?

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I read that and read the book again, and I kept picturing Strong Sad.....you're totally right.

"I don't like food anymore!"

Strong Sad = Marvin reincarnated?

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The Iron Maiden

I could power a small city with my whining!

Omigod, I'd never thought about that before! smiley - biggrin

Home Star Run Go!

Strong Sad = Marvin reincarnated?

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I pictured him the exact same way!
I just pictured him sort of boxy and metal. And I thought his voice was the same but with an electric buzz and not as high.

I'm sad that I'm flying.

Strong Sad = Marvin reincarnated?

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The Iron Maiden

I don't like eating food any more!

Strong Sad = Marvin reincarnated?

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He's quite the same in the movie, but Marvin doesn't have elephant legs. Can you imagine marvin doing tai-chi? smiley - biggrin

Strong Sad = Marvin reincarnated?

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i dis-agree that is totaly inacuratesmiley - sadface (bunch of home star nerds) marvin is much more he is cooler an funnyer i can't belive that you thought that marvin is h-u-larius all hail marvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

strong sad vs marvin

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i heartily disagree strong sad may resemble marvin in some ways but not many lets have a look at the character of marvin

1 robot
2 brain the size of a planet
3 space traveler
4 incredibly depressed his depression is not driven by programming not by outside events the only thing in his life that gave him an ounce of satisfaction was the last message God gave to man
5 sarcastic beyond all comparison
6 hates absolutly everything (and it seems when he learns about something new (which is rare) he hates it more then anything he has ever encountered before

now lets take a look at marvin

1 strage half man half elephant guy
2 alright inteligence
3 two brothers (one a complete moron who couldnt articulate himself out of paper bag the other one utterly hates him (come to think of it a lot of people i have encountered hate strong sad whereas no one i have ever encountered has hated marvin))
4 incredibly sad strong bads sadness is driven by a series of dissatisfying events such as strong bad his wait and other things of the like
5 sometimes sarcastic but not an overall driving force in him
6 finds satisfaction in a few things such as tai chi or drawing

this very brief review shows that though they have similar aspects there are not very much alike but the only way we could know for sure about the origin of strong sad is by asking the brothers chaps

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