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Light Sabres

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Jon of POB

For many years I have improvised my own starwars style lego with my younger brother. The item I am most proud of is my own DIY lightsabre. It is very simple, and can be held by a lego man.

Take one 'lightstick' - often used as a laser in the space lego, they are long, thin cylinders and come in transparent colours.

Now the hard one. There is a picture of it in the top left corner of this website (in the little box).
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It is the three pronged stick thing. (It looks best if you can find a black one)

Simply attach the light stick to the pronged thingy, and the lego man can hold the handle. There you have it - a light sabre.

Light Sabres

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isnt that like a bit huge for a little lego man to hold? like about twice the height of him...

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