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Some more addenda to this entry:

For historical reference: a 50 gulden note was sometimes referred to as "zonnebloem" for the sunflower on it, a note of 100 gulden was also called "een snip" for the bird that was on it (the earlier version, that is) and the 250 gulden note went by the name of "vuurtoren", as it had a lighthouse on it.

The Euro has arrived, so maybe a little change in the sentence
"With the coming of the Euro on 1 january 2002, Dutch money will become obsolete." would be warranted...

There were plurals for both gulden and cent, but those were not used when naming a price.
They were used when talking about the coins themselves, as in "the guldens/centen that have been produced this year have..."

Centen have been used until 1970, if I remember correctly.
2 gulden 50 (cent) was called "rijksdaalder" in reference to the normal "daalder", that was worth 1 gulden 50 (cent).
This "daalder" had not been in use since the early 20th century.

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Bringing this subject up-to-date

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